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Emergency Assistance

In cases of Fire, Explosion, Natural Disaster, Bomb Threat, Serious Accident or Injury, personnel should take the following actions:

  • Call 911
  • Call TCU Police at ext 7777
  • Call Work Control at ext 7956

When an Emergency Repair of a utility or equipment presenting immediate danger to life or property is required.
  • Call Work Control at ext 7956

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance, repair or other service work requiring minimal labor and cost is classified as routine service work. Normally, general service work is handled on a first-in, first-out basis, with typical requests for:

  • Repair of door systems including locks, closers, hinges, and stops
  • Repair of floor tile
  • Replacement of ceiling tiles
  • Repair of roof leaks
  • Repair of classroom furniture
  • Installation of chalkboards
  • Repair of broken windows
  • Plumbing repair to include leaky faucets, plugged sinks, toilets and drains
  • Repair of cabinets
  • Installation of room numbers and signs

Recurring Maintenance

The day-to-day operation of campus facilities requires the Physical Plant to devote a majority of its resources to planned routine and recurring maintenance, such as seasonal maintenance of heating and air conditioning units, light bulb change out, filter replacement and a host of other similar routine maintenance requirements.

University Services

University Services provides moving and storage of university property, set-up services for routine and special activities on campus, and mail pick-up and delivery on campus. For questions or assistance with these items, contact ext. 5116.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services are accomplished daily in all non-residential campus facilities by Facility Services personnel. For questions or concerns with housekeeping, contact Facility Services, ext. 5317.

Space Modifications and New Work

For space modifications and new work, required procedures follow:

  • The requester shall prepare a PPD #45 (Stage I) cost estimate form and submit it to the requesting department head for approval.
  • If approved, the requesting department head forwards it to the respective Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration for review.
  • Following Vice Chancellor concurrence, the PPD #45 is sent to the Physical Plant for preparation of a cost estimate.
  • The Physical Plant will prepare a cost estimate by completing Stage II of the PPD #45, and then return it to the respective Vice Chancellor for funding and approval to continue.
  • If approved, the respective Vice Chancellor provides the written authorization and account code by completing Stage III of the PPD #45, then returning it to the Physical Plant for action.

Interior Design

  • Assist with office layouts
  • Furniture selection, procurement and placement
  • Support maintenance painting with color selections


Furniture must meet specific standards of quality, durability and maintainability. In-house Interior Design staff is responsible for the ordering and coordination on all furniture requests. To submit a request for furniture, the requestor shall prepare a PPD #45, as outlined above (see Space Modifications and New Work).


With Facilities Planning as the focal point for all carpet purchases, installation, repair and replacement, the Physical Plant receives requests for carpet replacement which is handled on a case-by-case basis. Only approved styles, colors, and textures are available for use in selecting carpet. Carpet is normally expected to last seven years under normal wear and with proper maintenance. Requests for carpet repair and installation are handled through the maintenance work order system, AiM.


Exterior and interior signage that is installed or fixed to the building or grounds is provided by the Physical Plant, in accordance with signage standards. Individual desk nameplates can be purchased from the Physical Plant. Requests for nameplates and/or signage should be submitted to the maintenance work order system, AiM.


The Physical Plant is responsible for initial issue of keys for campus facilities. After initial issue, any new or replacement keys will require a work order. The cost of new or replacement keys is normally the responsibility of the requesting department. Depending on the circumstances, individuals may be liable for all costs associated with the replacement of a missing or lost key. Refer to TCU Policy Letter # 2.002 or call the General Maintenance Shop, ext. 5994, for additional information.

Electronic Card Access

Electronic card access is installed and maintained by Physical Plant. Approval for a card access system must be received from Student Affairs Information Services; following approval, materials will be ordered and a system installed. Card access maintenance or repair concerns should be addressed to Building Maintenance at ext. 5305.

Interior Plants

All interior plants that are provided and maintained by the Physical Plant and will initially be funded by the requesting department. For further information or assistance, call Landscape and Grounds at ext. 7198.


Elevators are installed and maintained by the Building Maintenance staff. For elevator emergency or maintenance requests, contact work control at ext 7956. For any other questions or concerns, call building maintenance at ext 5305.

Energy Conservation

(See Sustainability)


(See Sustainability)