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For all building emergencies please call the Physical Plant Work Control Center at extension 7956 or 7954..

Maintenance or Repair Requests

A request may be submitted electronically by Authorized Staff (Building Deputies, Resident Hall personnel, selected others) to the maintenance work order system, AiM.

If you are not authorized staff, please provide your request to the appropriate Authorized Staff representative for your department.

Information we need to process your request:

  • Requestor's EID
  • Contact Information EID (if different from requestor)
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Room Number
  • Details (Please give us as much detail as possible so we can alert our front-line technicians appropriately.)

Space Modifications and New Work Requests

For space modifications and new work, required procedures follow:

  • The requester shall prepare a PPD #45 (Stage I) cost estimate form and submit it to the requesting department head for approval.
  • If approved, the requesting department head forwards it to the respective Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration for review.
  • Following Vice Chancellor concurrence, the PPD #45 is sent to the Physical Plant for preparation of a cost estimate.
  • The Physical Plant will prepare a cost estimate by completing Stage II of the PPD #45, and then return it to the respective Vice Chancellor for funding and approval to continue.
  • If approved, the respective Vice Chancellor provides the written authorization and account code by completing Stage III of the PPD #45, then returning it to the Physical Plant for action.

PPD #45 Request Form

Download the PPD #45 project request form in Microsoft Excel format.


Download PPD #45 form in Excel format