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Physical Plant Departments

Physical Plant

The central office is located on Bellaire Drive North between the Stadium and the Tennis Center. Led by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, the Physical Plant’s mission is to provide the physical and educational environment necessary for academic excellence and realization of the mission, vision and core values of the university. The Physical Plant oversees design, construction and renovation of all capital projects as well as necessary operations, maintenance, repair and services for existing pavements, grounds, facilities and infrastructure. This includes 118 major buildings, comprising 4.1 million square feet, on 283 acres of property. This is accomplished by 314 full time employees, supported at various times of the year by temporary employees and student workers. The Physical Plant oversees a $28.8 million annual O&M budget, which includes a $9.4 million utility budget. Over $1 billion has been invested in new and renovated facilities since 1996 with over $400 million presently in planning/design/construction.


• Resources

The Resources Department is the Physical Plant's primary point of contact for the building deputies/hall directors on campus. Its responsibilities include receiving work order requests; scheduling maintenance; purchasing; materials storage; accounting; information systems management; and administration. The department is also responsible for inspecting, monitoring and maintaining the above and underground storage tanks on campus.

• Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance includes four trade shops – General Maintenance, Finishing, Access and Sign. General Maintenance provides structural repair, construction, carpentry, renovation services and pest control. The Finishing Shop performs regularly scheduled painting and touch-up work on interiors and exteriors of buildings. The Access Shop installs and repairs building and equipment lock systems; card access; security systems; and maintains records of all keys issued on campus. The Sign Shop produces interior, exterior and vehicular signs.

• Landscaping and Grounds

Landscaping and Grounds is generally responsible for the maintenance of all campus areas not enclosed by walls or under a roof, including grass and landscaped areas; trees; greenhouse plant propagations; irrigation systems; and refuse collection. The pavement maintenance function includes responsibility for streets and traffic signs; sidewalks and other paved areas; snow and ice control. It also serves as point of contact for the campus-wide interior plant maintenance contract.

• Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Systems, sometimes called HVAC, is responsible for ensuring that the campus heating, ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning, water, natural gas, fire sprinkler systems and sewage systems are operating properly. This includes the central chilled water plants and the associated distribution systems.

• Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems is responsible for ensuring that reliable electrical energy is available at all times to the entire campus and that this energy is used in an efficient and cost effective manner. It is responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing facilities/equipment, and oversight and guidance of new facilities/equipment installations in the following areas: procurement of electrical power; primary and secondary electrical distribution systems; building electric services equipment; building interior electrical distribution; interior and exterior lighting; sports lighting; emergency electrical power; mechanical systems electrical controls; fire alarm systems; and the energy management control system. It is also responsible for operation of the 24/7 Control Center.

• Mailing Services

Mailing Services includes the U.S. Post Office, mail distribution, as well as Federal Express services.


Facility Planning & Construction

Essentially a small Architectural/Engineering Firm, the Planning, Design, and Construction Department is responsible for the preparation of plans, design drawings and cost estimates for facility projects; maintenance of the TCU Master Plan; preparation and maintenance of the Five Year Facilities Project Program; construction inspection and management; interior design; and furniture and carpet requests. Facilities Planning also serves as the university point of contact for contractors, architects and engineers; assists in providing cost estimates associated with developing facility requirements; conducts indoor air quality studies and ensures compliance with asbestos abatement guidelines; and is responsible for facility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Facility Services

Facility Services includes housekeeping operations, university services and fleet management. More specifically, the department is responsible for custodial maintenance operations in non-residential buildings; oversight of contract cleaning services; moving and storage of university property; set-up services for routine activities and special events; mail pick-up and delivery to campus buildings; bulk mail delivery to the main postal shipping center; and the purchase and resale of fleet vehicles.